A styptic pencil is a short medicated stick generally made of powdered crystal from an alum block and a waxy binder which is pressed into a pencil shape. It is generally used to seal small cuts and nicks, especially from razors.

Before the days of the safety razor the styptic pencil was a necessary part of a mans shaving kit and was used to seal cuts caused by improper shaving, although many people still continue to use safety razors and styptic pencils.

Styptic pencils are great if you ever cut yourself shaving. They will stop the bleeding immediately and work well on minor abrasions as well as shaving cuts.

How to use a Styptic Pencil

The styptic pencil is used by applying it to a cut or nick which helps stops the bleeding by causing blood vessels to contract at the site of the wound.

When applied to a cut it does burn slightly, but most cuts stop bleeding in minutes and heal by the end of the day.




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